Recent updates:

  • This blog created.
  • Minor bugs in the code touched up
  • Website layout changed.
  • Provisional message board/forum created
  • hourly moving averages in progress

Note: if you have version 2 (the newer version) of the Raspberry Pi and you’re using our code, you’ll need to edit Upload.py and change line 32 (bus = 0) to bus=1, and  If you don’t have an LCD screen, change line 34 to LCDENABLED = 0

This has been the first post, exciting!

One Comment on “Welcome!”

  1. It’s easy to automatically detect the revision of the Raspberry Pi and select the I2C bus automatically… see e.g. http://www.andrewscheller.co.uk/adc_demo.py

    And what’s happened to the google-map-display on your website?
    Are there _really_ only two AirPies in the world? :-/

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